HVE Demolition

Welcome to HVE. HVE is a Full Service Company offering Services, and Equipment all under one roof. From basic Match Marking to complete Building Demolition, no job is too big or too small. We're here to help you get the job done quickly, affordably and SAFELY.

HVE is a provider of contract services specializing in dismantling, decommissioning and demolition. Our Services bring over seven years of on time, within budget experience on a wide variety of topics. HVE Services also has an exemplary safety record that is truly unique in our industry. In other words, our safety record is flawless.

HVE Services personnel have achieved continuous success in executing complex demolition projects under turnkey, lump-sum contracts, and under the watchful eyes of the state and local authorities.

Some Services providers divide projects into two separate work packages that are then used to select individual contractors for each of the diverse tasks of the project. This approach requires that each independet contractor mobilize personnel, equipment and materials to support the performance of their work. This multiple contractor approach adds cost and impedes the project overall.

Full-Service Company

Using a single-contractor to integrate all work elements within specific work areas at a site is preferred and has the following benefits:

The benefit of being a full-service company and demolition contractor allows HVE to undertake complex projects without the need to enlist any outside subcontractor support. This approach increases control, reduces costs, enhances quality and safety, and results in an improved schedule of performance.

The world has become a very small place and HVE Services has become a very big player in this world.